The radio soap opera is back!  Follow young Mary Marshall as she fights to learn the truth in a life of peril, fortune, and fate.  Featuring award-winning actors -- and scripts and direction from Michael Byers.  Learn more about the cast and show here.

A production of the Empire Podcasting System, "Mary from Michigan Saves the World" is a Gold Division selection of the 2018 National Audio Theatre Festival.


Episode 1 - The News from Warrendale (12:41)

Why has Mary's troubled twin sister Julia been sent away?  And will Mary's mother's trip to the hospital produce good results?

Episode 2 - A Call from Chicago (11:22)


Why has Julia escaped so violently?  And who is Arthur Mendez?






Episode 3 - Advice from Professor Banks (12:17)


Mary seeks out her beloved professor.



Episode 4 - Mary Takes the Train (13:05)

Who is that lurking in the yard?  And what mysterious stranger does Mary encounter on the way to Chicago?

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